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You have an anointing

- a divine enablement - to lead your family, your business, and to do ministry, and this is what this leadership podcast is all about. 

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In our marriage we had a blast in the “whoa this is Awesome” phase, struggled and endured through the “what was I thinking?” phase, and fought hard to get to the marriage we have today! It's our goal to share with you some practical tools, biblical principles, and help you reach the “WOW marriage” and stay there!

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The  Kingdom Conversation Podcast is focused on delivering biblical truths that are intended to spark transformation within a believer, remove barriers and deliver revelation on the Holy scriptures. Their mission is to Raise Kingdom Giants who live Supernaturally by the Word of God!

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The Faith Worth Following Podcast is sure to charge your faith in every area of your life. The messages will ignite a passion in your heart to pursue the will of God and run your race with zeal.

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Bringing you the uncompromised Word of God to mature the body of Christ with revelation and power. Get ready to walk in victory in every facet of life. Join today as we learn and grow in the knowledge of God so we can go from glory to glory together.

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