welcome to your new life in Christ!

Green Plant

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New Life in Christ

You have just made the best decision of your life!  Today begins a journey that is life-changing.  No one is perfect!  But, in this new relationship with the Lord, you will find a desire to grow and learn how to be all that He has created you to be!

Man Listening to Headphones

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Power in Words

What goes in is what comes out.  There's no better way to change up what is going in other than music.  Music speaks to all of us in many different ways.  We encourage you to check out this playlist.  Put it on repeat and watch faith rise up in your heart!

man running up steps

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What's Next?

Connection is key!

Taking the next step to your new life in Christ is all about plugging in, and we are here to help.  Whether it's through our nextSteps class, small group bible studies, or weekly services-we are here to help you grow!  Please fill out our Connect Form & we will be sure to contact you!





Sunday, January 15th 


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