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Foreign Missions

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Abundant Life Church is the headquarters of the mission ministry of JMSM.  All of our foreign missions are channeled through JMSM. The vision of JMSM is simply the Great Commission: Going into all the world, preaching the Gospel to all creation, making disciples who are full of the Holy Spirit within these foreign lands and to the remote areas of the world. 


JMSM is currently ministering to people in Central and South America by: 


  • Encouraging and inspiring Pastors and Ministers in the foreign fields through Leadership/Pastoral Conferences.


  • Physically building churches to better equip these pastors in the foreign fields and supplying the necessary resources for them to effectively minister the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


  • Meeting the needs of these foreign lands through food, medical supplies, clothing, toys, and more!


Visit the website to learn more about how you can be a part of JMSM and become a world-changer!