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    Welcome to the
Abundant Living Bible School

My name is Tina Howard, and I am honored to be the Dean of this Bible-based, discipleship program.  Abundant Living Bible School was established in 2020 to build strong believers with a firm foundation in the Word of God.  Through the variety of classes, each student will be challenged to study the Word on biblical truths and doctrines, and everyone will walk away increasing in faith!




Tina Howard

Who Am I?

The course will consist of four classes that instruct the believer in their new identity as a believer in Jesus Christ going back to the book of Genesis and discovering God’s plan for man, the salvation process, learning the difference between spirit, soul, and body, and the importance of renewing the mind. Topics of study will include the role that the body of Christ is to fill as the ekklesia, a called-out group that is to govern the earth, as well as that of an ambassador. Many Christians also struggle with shame and condemnation which will be tackled in a study concerning the correct view of righteousness.

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Josh Franklin

The Beginning


Jason Smith

The Ekklessia

lori downer.jpg

Lori Downer

Life as an Ambassador


Nathan Lewis

Righteousness vs

Sin Consciousness

Prayer Life of a Believer

For the duration of this course, the believer will be taught different types of prayers and prayer strategies using The Bible and other reference books written by anointed men and women trained in the art of prayer. Also included will be hands-on, on-the-job experience as part of the classroom required learning process.

holly burns.jpg

Holly Burns

Prayer Foundations


Maria Walker



Chris Walker

Hearing from Heaven

debora giron.jpg

Debora Giron

Prayer Practices

Spiritual Fitness

This course will consist of four sections of classes instructing the student how to live victoriously from their spirit man.  Man is a three-part being made up of spirit, soul, and body. We generally think if we eat right, exercise and sleep well, we can maintain a healthy body. Just as there are certain components to living a physically fit life, there are specific ingredients required to living an optimal spiritual life.   These necessary components include exercising faith, eating the Word of God, resting in Him, and walking in victory. 

tara wash.jpg

Tara Wash

Exercising Faith

john smith.jpg

John Smith 

Eat Right

Dan Hughes.jpg

Dan Hughes

Rest in Him

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Lisa Wood

Walk in Victory

Think Right

This course is designed to help the believer deal with soulish issues that everyone experiences throughout the course of our lives.  If these issues aren’t dealt with properly, the believer may not progress as God intends for them. Each class will present the issue as well as God’s answer. Rejection, fear, worry, and discouragement are ever present, but God desires us to walk as overcomers.


Jason Murrell

Renew Your Mind

charles lewis.jpg

Charles Lewis

Overcome Rejection

paula clark_edited.jpg

Paula Clark

Overcome Fear

and Worry

lauren cron.jpg

Lauren Cron




Only available on Thursday nights 


Walk with God

In this study, we will examine the life Jesus Christ led and how He walked with God on Earth so that we can be imitators of His perfect example. Ephesians 5:1 says, “Therefore be imitators of God as dear children.” We will learn about His personal conduct and habits so that we can put them into practice. We will also look at His attitude toward God, the religious leaders, His disciples, and the people around Him.  Studying the things He did and said, and applying what we learn from His example, will reveal His expectations for us and how to live godly lives with faith-filled, Kingdom-minded purpose.

Dan Hughes.jpg

Dan Hughes

Part I

Dan Hughes.jpg

Dan Hughes 

Part II 

The Tongue

Words are the most powerful thing in the universe! Since God created the world with His words, as Christians it is of utmost importance that we understand just how powerful our words are.  We will learn how to steward over them with excellence, and use them to further God’s plan and purpose in the earth. In this five-week course, we will learn how we should speak, what words we should and should not speak, how to bridle our tongues, the power of agreement, and the value of meditating and confessing God’s Word over our lives.

Pastor Marty.heic

Pastor Marty 

Part I

Pastor Marty.heic

Pastor Marty 

Part II 

Winning the War of the Mind

This class will be taught based on Craig Groeschel’s book "Winning the War of the Mind". The book is required and can be obtained through our bookstore. The introduction of the book says, “Our lives are always moving in the direction of our strongest thoughts. What we think shapes who we are.” We believe this is true in every believer's life! Therefore, we will be learning about our minds and how to renew them with God's Word so you can Win the War in your Mind.

Consuelo Murrell.jpg

Consuelo Murrell

Replacement Principle

Consuelo Murrell.jpg

Consuelo Murrell

Rewire Principle

Consuelo Murrell.jpg

Consuelo Murrell

Reframe Principle 

Consuelo Murrell.jpg

Consuelo Murrell

Rejoice Principle

Healing School

This elective course will consist of four (4) five-week quarters of instruction dealing with different components of Bible healing. Mark 16:17-20 teaches us that healing has not ceased as believers rise and take their position as the hands and feet of Jesus and manifestations of healing go forth. If you need healing for yourself, are believing for a loved one, or are new to the idea of healing, this course is for you! There will be no tests in the course and there will be many teachers  that will help you gain insight from many perspectives. 

Various Teachers 

Faith For Healing


Various Teachers

How to Keep Your Healing

Various Teachers

Why am I Not Receiving My Healing?

Various Teachers

Ministering Healing to Others

Conociendo el Proyecto de Dios

En estas clases estaremos conociendo, a través de la revelación del Espíritu Santo, cuál fue el proyecto que Dios creo. Estaremos descubriendo profundidades que se encuentran en los capítulos uno, dos, y tres de Genesis. También tendremos la oportunidad de desarrollar nuestro deber como el cuerpo de Dios de acuerdo al libro de Efesios. Efesios 4:16 dice, “De quien todo el cuerpo, bien concertado y unido entre sí por todas las coyunturas que se ayudan mutuamente, según la actividad propia de cada miembro, recibe su crecimiento para ir edificándose en amor.” 

Photo Jan 11 2023, 9 44 50 PM.jpg

Omayra Hernandez 

Part I

Photo Jan 11 2023, 9 44 50 PM.jpg

Omayra Hernandez

Part II 

Names of God 

God desires and longs for intimacy with His people. Although He knows us more than we know ourselves, He wants us to know Him more confidently. One of His approaches of developing this intimacy is to tell us who He is by revealing His character through different names so that we understand His mindset. In this 5-week session we will grow in our relationship with God by understanding the names Elohim, Jehovah, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Shalom, and Jehovah Rohi.

Photo Mar 20, 9 30 20 AM.jpg

Bernie Menear 

Part I

Photo Mar 20, 9 30 20 AM.jpg

Bernie Menear 

Part II 

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