quarter 3

August 30th---September 27th

Our next open enrollment for Quarter 3 will begin in July.  However, if you would like to have one-on-one discipleship, please click the link below, and we will contact you!



This course is for anyone interested in walking through a one-on-one discipleship journey to jump-start your walk with Christ.

Your growth in Christ

starts today!


  • All Bible Courses are free

  • Certificates of Completion will be handed out to students who complete each course

  • Some courses may require the purchase of a book

  • 4 Quarters each year

  • Classes will be held on Tuesday Evenings

  • Classes will be 5 weeks in duration

  • Students must commit to 4 of the 5 classes to earn a certificate of completion

  • You can choose to take one class each quarter or both.

  • Childcare is not provided

  • Topical Small Group Studies are held at the teacher's desired date and time.  These are separate from Bible School Courses and are not offered every quarter.

  • New Believers Courses are one-on-one discipleship and at the request of the student.